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Why choose us to train you + your horse?

  • We prioritise the mental and physical wellbeing of our riders and horses.

  • We follow an effective system of training but always cater to each horse and riders individuality. 

  • We aim to produce "trainers" that can think critically and  problem-solve through our rider coaching and horses that have a solid foundation of basics for longevity. 


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Boot Camp

Our most popular package to fast track your equines performance career or help you reach that elusive goal you have been chasing for too long! 


Let us take care of the most difficult part of owning horses, finding them their new perfect match! We will handle all the advertising and communicating all while continuing your horses education! 


Dreamt of owning an elite eventer or dressage horse?  Or want to create your own schoolmaster by having a professional rider compete your horse to a higher level? Ask us about campaigning!


We specialise in young horses and love having the opportunity to produce them from the beginning. We have developed a very effective training system over the past 10 years to ensure your youngster comes home well adjusted with a foundation of training for longevity.

Horse Training

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OTT Retraining 

Our OTT retraining program includes specialised ground work and the re-introduction of ridden paces to promote correct muscle development through therapeutic style riding with the aim of reducing tension and encouraging suppleness whilst refining the basic aids.

Pony Training

We believe that every horse should be given equal opportunities regardless of their size! Ponies are often lacking a basic foundation of training required for them to be successful in their future careers because they are predominately ridden by children who are still learning as the pony is learning. Invest in your pony's specialised training program now!



Our prestarting/ground work program is the ideal introduction to the concepts that will be paramount throughout the breaking or retraining processes. Your horse will be exposed to exercises which emphasize engagement, both mental and physical. They will learn ground manners and the basics of submission through suppleness, body control and postural development. 

Rehabilitation/Back to work

​Has your horse had time out for any reason?  We can help get them going again!As professional event riders, we have had done our fair share of  spelling and rehabilitation. We are committed to gently suppling and strengthening each horses body in line with their individual requirements post-injury or after a long time out of work. 


Horse Training


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