"Thamesbourne Lord Luci" or "Alfie" is a 16hh 8yo WB Gelding by Lord Lamarque and out of Northern Eugenia. Alfie is a stunning, compact type with a very elegant and uphill front. He is a good mover with an active hind end which gives a natural feeling of "push" and power. He is good in the contact with a secure but elastic feel in the hand and is very willing to bend and be supple. These qualities make him the ideal dressage prospect in a smaller package. He has 3 established, quality paces and a solid foundation of training to build upon. Although he hasn't competed much yet, he has been produced by an experienced amateur dressage rider who had regular lessons with a knowledgeable FEI dressage trainer. He is working at a competitive novice dressage level and is good to take out so is ready to get out there and start his competition career. He has basic laterals (leg yeilds/shoulder ins) established and all of the elementary work has been started. All the hard work is done so a few months of consistent training should see him ready to step up to elementary competitively and start schooling more of the medium work. He has a good understanding of the half halt and shows a great talent for collection while remaining rideable and could potentially be an FEI dressage horse in the future with continued consistent training. Although his strength is definitely dressage, he is actually showing a lot of promise as a jumper in the early stages of his jumping training. He has been jumping around 80-90cm at home over spooky fences and is very willing and capable. He has only jumped a handful of times so if someone wanted to purchase him as an eventing/jumping prospect they would probably need an intermediate level of experience to continue to give him the confidence to keep jumping boldly and start jumping at shows. As a dressage horse, he is pretty quiet, safe to ride and easy to train and would suit a junior rider, or an adult rider looking for a long-term honest and talented partner to train with and climb up the dressage levels quickly. He is a well educated, quality horse and is priced accordingly. Located Nyora, Vic