Cargill Tyson Equestrian presents for sale on behalf of owner “Archie”! He is an 9yo 16hh approx TB gelding. Archie is eye-catching with good conformation and a very elegant type under saddle. He was produced off the track by a show rider originally and has since been with a young rider who is now looking for a schoolmaster type to show her the ropes. He has a good foundation of basics on the flat and is very comfortable to ride. He has very nice paces, is soft in the hand and willing to be round and stretch and naturally balanced. He can be a bit lazy but is not hard to get going forward, he is not a hot horse and maintains his rhythm independently. He yeilds from each leg into the outside rein, and understands turning off the outside aids. As demonstrated in the video, he can still open his mouth a little when he's working although it doesn't affect the shape of his neck and you still have the feeling of light connection on the other end of the reins. This is just a green issue, and it would be beneficial for him and his new owners to have a bit fitting and try some different options to see if there is a bit he likes better. It could also potentially be addressed using a flash strap or drop noseband but we personally prefer to try to see if we can encourage him to close his mouth around the bit through training first. He is further along with his dressage because of his previous training as a show horse but has commenced his jumping here with us and is picking it up well. He is naturally bold and very willing to jump but is still developing his technique. He can be a bit lazy when jumping, doesn't get fizzy or hot, but needs someone to ride forward to a fence while he is still learning. He has jumped a variety of fences and wouldn't take long to get ready to go eventing, just needs some cross country schooling under his belt! He is best suited to an intermediate to experienced home as he can be a little spooky at times (not jumping just at particular things). For example, He does not like cows and is very worried about our cow here. This is the only thing he has been concerned about while here in training with us but needs a competent handler/rider as there may be other things he does not like in the future and he will need someone experienced enough to give him reassurance. No beginners please. For the right rider, this horse really could go on to excel in any of the olympic disciplines as a versatile and competitive mount or he could also make an outstanding show horse with his looks, type and movement. $5500 neg. Located Nyora VIC