Cargill Tyson Equestrian proudly presents for sale on behalf of owner “Chickity”. She is a rising 5yo 14.2hh approx Unregistered Paint Bred Mare. Chicky is very cute with her unique markings especially her white patch on her tummy! She has even, regular paces and is relatively balanced for her age/level of education. She has done Western in the past, and her current owners purchased her to do a bit of everything with but decided she was ultimately too small for what they are after. She did a lot of desensitising work including but not limited to going over bridges, beach riding and picking up and moving barrels which can be viewed in a seperate video upon request. She was also taught to be highly responsive to the leg and hand aids so although she safe and relatively sensible, she does feel very forward and only requires light aids for go and stop. She only really started her English riding career recently with us and is taking to it very well. Her willingness to be forward and sensitivity to the aids actually make her easier to start training dressage on for the right rider but because of this, we feel she would not be suitable to nervous riders who prefer something slower and less sharp. In the contact she is learning to work in a dressage frame and picking it up quickly. She is willing to stretch which is probably more her comfort zone from the western work but won’t take long to be secure in a dressage test frame. We have found her to be a generally sensible horse but she is still young, and green and learning to be an English horse. We think she will make an outstanding pony club, inter school, adult riding, pleasure and trail riding horse in the future but will need more training to achieve her potential in these areas. She feels safe to ride and is a quick learner so we see her fitting in well with a competent intermediate rider who is looking for a young horse to bring along. She has just commenced jumping and is very bold and willing, and reasonably careful. She will excel quickly in this area and be a competitive jumper in the not too distant future. She has been out on the local roads and trails around our house and was the same as she is on the arena. She was calm and sensible and ridden by our working pupil who really enjoyed taking her out. We have found her to have generally ground manners, easy to catch, lead, tie up, tack up etc. As she is still young and green we would prefer her to go to a home with some level of experience although she is probably sensible enough for a capable teenager/confident intermediate to bring on as a first young horse alongside a good coach. She truly will make such a wonderful, competitive allrounder partner for someone willing to put in some work and training. She is a rewarding horse to train and a pleasure to have around. Located Nyora VIC