Clinics & Rallies

Cargill Tyson Equestrian have extensive experience in the coaching industry and are highly sought after coaches for pony club and adult riding rallies Victoria wide. 

Our experience as elite event riders lends to our versatility as coaches and make us highly flexible with what we are teaching but Amber's passion is definitely dressage, pole work and show jumping/gymnastics. Amber is known to be able achieve results with new riders in a very short amount of time and has a very systematic approach to training which is easy to understand and can lead to small but influential adjustments in your training that can create long lasting positive impact. While coaching at clubs, Amber always receives compliments and highly positive feedback on the unique nature of her lessons. The general feedback is that riders had a lot of fun, left feeling accomplished, enlightened and inspired. 

Ben is in his element coaching in the show jumping ring and out on the cross country field! He is the ultimate confidence booster for riders looking to achieve new goals in a lesson and he will help them build up towards their goal in a safe and controlled environment using other exercises/jumps to prepare for new challenges and avoid losing confidence. He brings to the show jumping ring some of the creative set ups we do at home with angles, turns, challenging distances and technique exercises to provide a holistic experience for the horse and rider where they will feel like they have worked on so many important elements of their showjumping. We believe success lies in preparation and always have that in mind when training, so we also often train cross country ideas and lines over show jumping fences which can be more forgiving in practice but highly valuable when you head out of the start box at an event. 

We both try to provide a higher level of understanding to why we do each exercise we do so that what is learnt is truly understood and can be applied in other circumstances after the lesson with confidence.