Henry aka “Sun Bull” is an outstanding allrounder with pony club experience and serious jumping talent. He is an 10yo (22/9/11), 16.1 approx. Sire - Stratum, Dam - Mrs Slocombe Type Henry is a athletic type with good conformation, built to jump! 
Temperament We have found Henry to be easy to handle most of the time. He can be a little looky at times but is generally well-behaved and straight forward with good ground manners. He is very sweet and affectionate, loves cuddles and pats! He is a character with a funny personality, keeping everyone at the barn entertained! He has been super quiet with us with just an odd spook, the first time we jumped him (he had been on spell for a while) he was a bit enthusiastic and did a few pigroots coming out of the grid but our 14yo working student Millie (pictured jumping him) wasn’t phased. Otherwise he has been absolutely perfect every ride and feels very safe and uncomplicated. He was excellent out on the roads and trails and has been easy to catch, shoe, float etc.. Prior Experience Henry has extensive pony club experience. We have even taught him at pony club and see how great he is in action! He loves trail riding and has done loads with his previous owner and we have loved riding him out too. He has done lessons and clinics. He has done limited competitions due to this not being his riders focus, and COVID limitations but has a great foundation and ready to step out and make his mark on the competition world! Paces Henry has 3 regular, active paces with a really comfortable canter and swingy trot. He has a good overtrack in walk with clear 4 beat rhythm. Clear 3-beat rhythm in the canter with lots of jump. Dressage Training Rhythm - Easily maintains his own rhythm, you can soften the reins and he won’t get quicker. Easy to get forward but still kickable. Suppleness - He is reasonably supple especially considering he has just come back into work, and moves off each leg into the outside rein and starting to develop quality ribcage bend and connect to the outside rein. Contact - He is very easy to get round as long as you ride him forward. He is light in the hand but does need a rider with still hands and leg on to keep him in a secure connection. Doesn’t tend to get strong or on the forehand, carries himself in good balance. Back - Willing to stretch over the back and easy to sit on. Laterals - currently developing basic laterals like leg yield and shoulder-in. Potential for more with further training. Impulsion - When making a half-halt he is starting to understand the basics of activating his hind leg and will step quicker and become more connected. Straightness - doesn’t tend to fall in or out too much, further straightness and throughness required in the more complicated movements but easy enough for a novice rider to keep straight. Turns off the outside aids. Collection - Starting to collect in trot and canter, further strength and suppleness training required to progress to the next levels of collection. Level - Working at around Grade 3/ prelim dressage level but not far off stepping up again. Jumping As a jumper, Henry really shines! He is an absolute superstar. Incredibly bold with excellent technique. He is very easy and fun to jump and has been successfully jumped up to 105cm by all of us here including our 2 14yo working students. He keeps his rhythm into a fence and is easy to see a distance on. He is forward to a fence without feeling hot or strong. When he first came into work and started jumping he did do the odd excited pigroot (nothing serious) but needs a rider who won’t be scared off by this if it happens occasionally. He has really tight knees over a fence with good tuck and a sharp hind end. He uses his back and stretches over his fence making a lovely shape. He would make an outstanding high level eventer or show jumper and has potential to blitz his way up the levels with a confident rider willing to put in the time and consistent training. Despite his jumping talent he is straight forward enough for a confident junior to continue producing and bold enough to give them confidence jumping bigger heights. Rider Suitability 
Although we have found to be a delight to handle and ride, he is not suitable for a beginner or nervous rider due to the very occasional playfulness jumping when he’s fresh and an odd small shy here and there (literally maybe 2 or 3 times in the last few weeks he has been training with us coming back into work). He is very quiet but not bombproof. He would be an asset for an intermediate rider who is confident and looking to move up the levels and win lots of ribbons In eventing/SJ /PC/interschool but flash enough to move into senior levels and compete EA, and potentially FEI with the right rider. He would be best with someone who can keep him in some level of consistent work to bring out the best in him although he was easy enough to bring back in (we didn’t lunge him at all). He has solid basics and a lovely willingness and work ethic so would progress up the ranks quickly with an ambitious rider. This horse will be someone’s best friend as well as a versatile and super competitive partner who has the potential to move up the jumping or eventing levels and win! 
Located Nyora, VIC.