Cara aka "Gilgarra Four Seasons" is an extremely talented little mare with flashy good looks which makes her the ideal versatile performance pony prospect. She is 8yo (2.12.13) , 14.1 approx Riding Pony Section A by Focus on Rathowen out of Beaufort Fiesta, Type Cara is a very sweet type with a lovely chunky neck with an elegant arch. She sits in a beautiful, uphill frame and with all her bling and striking bay she would not look out of place in the show ring. Temperament We have found Cara to be generally easy to handle, although she would be better suited to someone who has some horse-handling skills as she can be a bit fidgety/pushy on the ground occasionally. We brought her back in from a spell and she was very easy to bring back in, she did't require lunging. She was very easy even on her first ride back, just a little bit scared of the mounting block which she is over now. During her 2-3 weeks of training with us, she has done a range of activities and shown good trainability and versatility with an excellent work ethic and willingness. She is generally forward off the leg but doesn't feel hot. A petite junior may find her a little too forward or strong, but someone who can half-halt will be fine as she listens very well to a half-halt and is very easy to stop even from a canter. She has not shown any naughty behaviours such as bucking, rearing, pig rooting at all etc. and hasn't really been spooky in any surroundings here. She has been very well behaved in the stables, day yards and private paddocks here and we have enjoyed trail riding her on the roads and local trails around our farm. Prior Experience Cara has a basic education with her previous owner mostly focusing on pleasure riding and dressage. Although she hasn't been competed much, she has been floated to lessons and trails regularly and is good to take out. She hadn't jumped much before she came here but has taken to it well. Paces Cara has 3 regular, active paces that we feel with further training could really develop into something serious and make her a very competitive pony dressage mount to move up the levels with. Dressage Training Rhythm - She is easy to get forward and does need some reminding with half-halts occasionally. Suppleness - She is working on her suppleness after coming back in from a spell and could use more ribcage bend especially to the right. She does understand moving off the leg though so this will be easy for her to learn, she just needs more time. Contact - Cara is good in the contact, mostly steady and very light and very easy to keep round in a frame. With her shape of neck, she always looks like she is in an outline, she needs more strength and push with the hind quarters to develop a more secure connection to the bridle. Laterals - training leg yield, shoulder in. Not ready for further laterals just yet. Jumping Cara has only just began her training as a jumper in the past few weeks with us here. She has been willing to have a go, and not very spooky. She needs to build further strength and confidence but we can definitely see her being a ripper eventing or show jumping pony with more experience. We have jumped her up to around 60-70cm at this stage and she is not too far off stepping up the heights again. Rider Suitability - Although we have found Cara to generally be very sensible, she is not suitable for a beginner or nervous rider/handler as she can get a little excited at times and needs someone confident enough to enforce the rules. She does not need a super experienced rider, just someone who will keep her disciplined. A competent junior should be fine especially if they have adult supervision to help with tacking up and handling if she's pushy etc. She is very comfortable and feels super safe under saddle on the arena and out on the roads. She has been ridden by all of us here and we have all found her very easy to ride. She is a quick learner and very easy to train. She would make an outstanding pony dressage prospect or a pony club/interschool/EA show jumper/eventer prospect for the right rider or even a beautiful show pony. This truly is one of the nicest ponies we have had through here, and you can tell she is high quality with a lot of potential when she finds her new home. Located Nyora, VIC.