Buddy aka “Highrail Heartbreaker” is a talented allrounder prospect with eye-catching good looks. He is an 8yo, 16hh Warmblood x Cleveland Bay Gelding. Type Buddy is a very athletic type with a really impressive front end and elegant arch to his neck. He sits naturally in a beautiful frame and definitely has a wow factor presence. Temperament We have found Buddy to be easy to do everything with although he does look to his rider or other horses for confidence at times. He hasn’t actually done any spooks under saddle since he’s been here but he was a little looky and snorty on the ground when he first arrived although he settled in overnight and became quickly confident in his new surroundings. His original owners found him to be a sound, well-behaved and very easy to handle young horse. His current owner purchased him during COVID times and has really loved him although she goes everywhere alone and has decided she needs a horse who has had more exposure and is a little braver to give her confidence. He has never shown any signs of buck/rear/bolt/bite/kick etc and although he looks at things occasionally, he doesn’t tend to actually spook. He is actually braver under saddle than he is on the ground. We have found him to have really nice ground manners and he has been easily caught, tacked up, washed by the working pupils. We brought him back into work from a short spell and he was very quiet to ride, no lunging required. During his training with us, he has done a range of activities and shown good trainability and versatility. He has learnt so much in a short period of time, proving his intelligence and desire to please. He is more woah than go but willing to go forward and improving every day. He has been very well behaved in the stables, day yards and private paddocks here. Prior Experience Buddy has a solid but basic foundation of all-round education. He has been to pony club, through forests, attended clinics, lessons, bareback riding, farm riding, competed at showjumping days and completed one eventing start which was an overnight stay and he was impeccably behaved. His previous owners found him to be an excellent trail riding horse with friends, happy to cruise around on the buckle and and also found him to be a generally fuss-free horse to take out. His current owner hasn’t had a chance to do much competing with him due to COVID restrictions but he is more than ready to step back out there and be competitive in any discipline his rider is wanting to pursue. Paces Buddy has 3 regular, active paces although he does need to be reminded to stay forward. He is much better with his forward now after training and is really starting to build strength and suppleness in his paces and I think with continued training we will really start to see what he’s made of! He is stronger in the trot than the canter but is coming along quickly. Dressage Training Rhythm - He needs to be consistently ridden forward to generate enough energy to create impulsion, more woah than go, happy to plod along on the buckle or go at your pace. Suppleness - He is reasonably supple and willing to bend through her ribcage starting leg-yield and shoulder-in. He needs more consistent bend and straightness at times but this will all come with time. Contact - He is very good in the contact, light but easy to keep steady and naturally goes in a frame. Back - Very relaxed over the back and easy to sit on. Jumping As a jumper, Buddy is not going to be an olympian as he is not the bravest or sharpest horse in the world but he is willing enough and will have a go with a rider who keeps their leg on. To move up in to the upper eventing levels he would need lots of experience, cross country schooling, confidence building etc. We think he is better suited to a rider whose ambitions are below EV105 but happy to be proven wrong! We can imagine him being one of those unstoppable Ev80/95 horses that wins everything and is a really solid allrounder. He has been jumping up to 85/90cm with us and we think he needs more time, strength and experience before he can progress confidently to bigger heights. Rider Suitability Although we have found to be a dream to handle and ride, he is not suitable for a beginner or nervous rider as he takes confidence from his rider/handler. He would be great for an intermediate rider who is competent and can continue his education as he is still green and weak in some areas but willing and eager to learn. He is genuine enough to be a first horse to train up for a competent junior under the guidance of a good coach. He is not a hot or silly horse and will make someone very happy, he just needs a little bit of reassurance at times to reach his true potential in his new riders chosen discipline. Extra info He does have a scar on his bum (visible in pictures and videos) that happened as a youngster but doesn’t seem to affect him at all and he seems very sound. Vet check welcome. Located Nyora, Vic