Cargill Tyson Equestrian proudly presents for sale “Ginny”. She is a 10yo QH x. Ginny is an adorable golden palomino with an elegant front end and works consistently in a super cute frame! On the flat, she has sweet active paces and would definitely stand out in the dressage or show rings. She is responsive enough to the leg that she is easy to get going but still probably more woah than go. We find this to be a unique combination that is a highly sought after in a range of different level riders as she doesn’t feel hot/sensitive/tense/fast but still listens to the leg and hand which makes you feel very safe and in control when you are riding her. We have found her to have excellent breaks and you could easily pull her up from a canter on the buckle with your seat alone. She is willing to be soft and stretch out and down in all paces. She independently maintains her own rhythm, and is very steady but light in the contact in the walk and trot. She Is very comfortable to ride in the canter but still lacks a bit of suppleness through her right ribcage although she has improved so much with this in the short space of time she has been training with us. For pleasure riding (which she could also be suited to) this probably doesn’t matter too much but she will need a rider prepared to continue to work on this to achieve the scores she deserves in the dressage ring if that’s your ambition. Not hard to do, basically a rider that has basic understanding of flexion, yielding and outside rein or is having regular lessons and wants to learn. To show jump, she is super fun and safe. She does need some leg to keep forward jumping but is pretty easy to ride in a rhythm to and away from the fence. She has jumped up to 90cm with Ben which is probably around her max competitively (although Ben wanted to jump her bigger!). She has jumped water trays, barrels and all types of fences here with no hesitation. She has been trail riding and out on the roads around us and was a pleasure. Happy out in a group or alone. She hasn’t done any spooks she’s been here and doesn’t require every day work. On the ground, she has been good stabled, paddocked or in the day yards next to others. Can have the occasional little squeal but nothing serious. She does have one quirk that is reflected in her price, she can be a bit grumpy when you put the saddle on. We have found her fine to catch, brush, wash, bridle, float, feed etc but when you are walking towards her with the saddle she can turn her bum to you. She hasn’t actually kicked out but we just carry a crop when saddling her and tap her when she does it and she stops and we have found she just goes back to relaxing once you tell her off. She has been improving with this since she's been here. She could still be suitable for a a experienced junior who wouldn’t be offended/upset by this or a junior that has a competent adult around to help them with tack up as they got to know her. Although this is an annoying little quirk, she makes up for it entirely as a riding horse with how lovely and safe she feels under saddle. For the right rider, she will truly excel as a little all rounder, pleasure horse, eventer, pony club, ARC, show pony! Definitely a versatile mount with a bright future ahead in her new home. Located Nyora VIC