Horse Breaking

Cargill Tyson Equestrian take on a limited number of performance breakers every year. We have been breaking in our own performance horses for nearly 10 years and Ben does an excellent job giving them a foundation of basics that you can build upon. 

We have a very thorough and well developed training system for our youngest candidates, and recognise that each horse may need a different amount of time at each stage and we always ensure they are confident and relaxed with one concept before we move on to the next to ensure there are no holes in their basic training. 

We start our breakers with extensive ground work, manouvering their shoulders, ribs and hindquarters to encourage suppleness and submission. We then start to teach them to "wear a person" with a rider leaning all over them and a handler controlling from the ground. Next we introduce the gear and then the rider into the saddle with handler still implementing the rules learnt from the groundwork. The handler will gradually reduce their ground cues as the rider starts to control the horse. 

As we require 2 people to work with your breaker in the early stages, the price for breaking is slightly more than general training at $472.5 per week plus GST. Once your horse is being ridden like a regular performance horse (time frame varies with every horse) we drop the price back to the general training fee.