Lachie (bay) is a beautiful 4yo WB x TB Gelding, approximately 17.1hh with a lot of physical maturing to do still. He is by Isle of Merlin and out of a Lunchtime mare.

Type - Although he still has quite a bit of developing to do, he is already an impressive type with his tall stature and a beautiful natural arch to his neck.
Temperament - We have found him to have a truly exceptional temperament for his age. He is the definition of a “Gentle Giant!”. He has been very calm and sensible on the arena and hacking out on the local roads and trails. We brought him back into work after a spell, and he has been absolute dream. He’s been with us around a month for training and in that time he has not shown any naughty tendencies. He actually hasn’t even really done a spook. We have ridden him in rainy and windy conditions with no issues. He is definitely more “woah than go” so feels very safe to ride and train.

Experience - Lachie is currently owned by his breeders. He has been professionally broken in, and then had a stint of training with a professional show jumper and kept in light work by his breeders/owners before coming to us for a months training in preparation for his sale. We have predominately focused on his dressage schooling with only some light jumping up to around 80cm due to his age.

Paces - Lachie has 3 quality paces with an extraordinary canter. Even though he can be a bit lazy at times, he loves to canter and feels exceptionally well balanced for his age/size/education. His canter is naturally uphill with a clear 3 beat rhythm and he is already developing good jump and range. He is a good mover in the trot with an expressive action and will develop this further as he becomes physically stronger and more in front of the leg. He has a big, active walk with a good overtrack.

Dressage - On the flat, Lachie is straightforward to ride. He has a soft mouth and works in a nice outline once you have him in front of the leg. He can be lazy but is improving every day and becoming consistently quicker off the leg. He does need a rider to be strict with the forward and able to kick when he gets lazy to generate enough energy for him to soften into his lovely frame. He has a lot of movement in the trot, so as you build forward and energy he just gets more expressive in the trot, he never gets fast/tense/tight/choppy. When you are really starting to unlock the big trot he can get a bit lazy and try to do a slow canter instead so we just correct him back to trot and then push him forward in the trot again. He is supple and starting to understand the bend but still perfecting his turning and can fall in and out a little at times but this is easily addressed by an intermediate or above level rider. He has started turn on the fore-hand and small little leg yields on the circle and to the wall. He is naturally very relaxed and over the back.

Show Jumping - Although he has only just commenced his show jumping training, he has been brave and willing. He is showing the beginnings of good technique, just needs more forward energy and strength in his jump. He has jumped a variety of different fill including barrels and tarps with us and has taken it all in his stride. His willingness, rideability and beautiful temperament would make him an outstanding eventing prospect for a rider looking for a genuine taller mount to progress up the levels with. Ground Manners We have found him to be very sweet on the ground with a beautiful, sweet disposition. He has been very calm to handle on the ground and is very affectionate. As he is so tall, he does need someone with a bit of skill or height to bridle him.

Rider Suitability - Lachie would suit a large variety of riders as he is straight forward and fun to ride and train. We would like to see him with someone who is looking to form a partnership with a genuine, quality and versatile young horse for the future. We see him best suited to a dressage or eventing home as he shows talent to progress up these ranks but would also make an excellent adult riding, pony club, inter school prospect. He would also be a fun horse to hack out and pleasure ride. He is quiet enough to be a first young horse for a capable teenager or adult riding wanting the experience of training a horse alongside a good coach or trainer.