Lachie Lachie (grey) is a beautiful 5yo 16hh WB Gelding, approximately 16hh by Almania Matrix (Jive Magic) and out of Splendid Jazzarena. TypeAlthough he still has quite a bit of developing to do, he is already an impressive type with his tall stature and a beautiful natural arch to his neck. TemperamentWe have found Lachie to have a very sweet and kind temperament although he is young and green so still needs a competent handler on the ground. He is reasonably brave and has a trainable attitude. He is highly intelligent so will excel with a rider who is going to provide him with a consistent training program. Experience Lachie is currently owned and ridden by a 16yo rider who has been producing him over the last 12 months but has found she doesn’t have the time for him due to her study commitments. Due to his age, he has mostly been working on his dressage work and his current rider has focused on his walk and trot. He has done limited jumping and is willing to have a go. He has been in training with us for around 2 weeks and is really enjoying the work and progressing quickly. Paces Lachie has 3 high quality paces with an exceptional trot. He has an active hind leg and great natural swing in the trot. He is forward moving, flashy and super regular in his trot rhythm. Lachie has a lot of potential in the canter however he has not done a lot of cantering, so can disunite and change legs if you don’t establish a good inside leg to outside rein connection. To work through this, the rider needs to be able to establish inside flexion, apply a lot of inside leg and create a quality bend without letting him slide through the outside shoulder and be very quick to correct if he loses bend or balance. The canter itself has a lot of jump and expression but does need a rider with a certain skillset to be able to continue the canter training. He has a clear 4 beat rhythm in the walk with a good over track. Dressage On the flat, Lachie is easily kept in front of the leg and in forward rhythm without feeling hot or quick. He can maintain his own rhythm in walk and trot consistently. He is naturally supple and learning to develop a good inside leg to outside rein connection as he starts to improve his ribcage bend. He can fall out through the outside shoulder sometimes but is really starting to understand the outside aids this past week. In the contact, he responds very well to a steady hand and needs to be ridden forward into the connection. When he’s connected he feels light, secure yet elastic. He has a lot of natural impulsion and feels like he will have the energy to really sit and collect when he is stronger and straighter. He also has great push and reach and showing talent for extension. As mentioned above, the canter is very green and will need a skilled and patient trainer to make sure the canter reaches its true potential. Show Jumping Although he has only just commenced his show jumping training, he has been brave and willing. He is showing the beginnings of good technique. He has jumped a variety of different fill and has been sensible. He does think jumping is fun and does travel forward to a fence so probably best for an intermediate rider if he is going to be produced as an eventer. He is a fine type for a full warmblood so could definitely make an exciting eventing prospect. Rider Suitability Lachie is a serious horse for an ambitious dressage or event rider wanting to produce a talented, athletic and versatile young horse. Although he is probably quiet enough for a novice/intermediate rider, we really think he needs a rider who is experienced with training young horses and works closely with a trainer to ensure he is produced correctly through this critical developmental stage where he is establishing a good foundation of basics for the future. We would like to see him go to a home where he can form a long-term partnership with a competitive rider who wants to spend the time training him properly as he has genuine potential to reach the top in multiple disciplines. Located Nyora, VIC.