March Fly 

Cargill Tyson Equestrian proudly presents "March Fly" for Sale - aka Heartwood Titanium. Fly is a rising 14yo 17hh TB Chestnut Gelding with many years of education and experiences invested in him. He is an absolutely PHENOMENAL type with incredible conformation and and an insanely uphill and elegant front. This horse is so impressive in person, he honestly looks like a high quality warmblood! He has 3 exceptional paces with good swing and reach in the trot and a suppleness over his back that makes it very easy to sit on him, collect and extend. He has an amazing, adjustable canter and is super balanced and soft in a very collected canter but also willing to extend. He is very balanced with great activity and loads of implusion and a special talent for collection. This horse is seriously so impressive, he is without a doubt the flashiest Thoroughbred we have ever seen. He has a very unique presence about him, and all that have met him so far have asked what his (warmblood) breeding is! March Fly comes from Tasmania where he has competed extensively in showing at the highest levels with many years of wins and placings to his name including winning at HOTY 4 times and coming runner up twice. He is the ultimate versatile large show horse schoolmaster and would be an ideal mount for a tall, young show/dressage rider looking for an uncomplicated ride with wow factor. As a show horse, he has a very competitive record and it is hard to imagine much better types going around. With the right rider, he would continue to be unbeatable in the show ring at the highest levels of showing. Although he hasn't done much competitive dressage yet, he has a very solid foundation of dressage education and we believe he would easily transition into being a competitive dressage mount and would climb up the levels through novice/elementary/medium without too much trouble. His paces are established to an elementary/medium level with his impressive and easy range of collection and extension. He does walk to canters and has started flying changes. He is lacking a bit of suppleness in his lateral work so would need a few more months of training the ribcage bend to make those lateral movements test-ready but once they were in place, there would be no stopping him. He is an extremely talented horse and a one in a million type and we truly believe he could go on to have an FEI dressage career in the right hands. He is very consistent/easy in the contact and understands self-carriage, half halts and will lift his shoulder and quicken his hind leg when asked. Due to his incredible front, he is always in a test-ready frame. He has a lovely, easy going temperament and loves to hack out and be ridden around the farm as well. He is brave and willing in his work and very forward under saddle which makes him very comfortable to sit on and just enjoy! He is more woah than go so we ride him with a dressage whip and spurs but he is still willing to go forward. He is definitely not a hot horse under saddle. Fly would make a fabulous top show horse for a young rider who wants to win. He would be competitive from pony club/interschool level right through to royal level. He would also be a great horse for a rider who wants to do showing but start some dressage as well as this horse is really something special and we would love to see what he could go on to achieve in the dressage arena with more specialised training for this discipline. This horse gives a very exciting feeling under saddle, he truly is all class so don't miss the opportunity to secure yourself a seriously elite, drop dead gorgeous and proven to win show horse who has many other desirable qualities that also make him a serious candidate for upper level dressage.