Miley aka “Maxfields Malibu IX” is an extremely talented little mare with drop-dead gorgeous good looks which make her the ideal competitive allrounder prospect. She is 9yo (2012), 15.1 ASH x Mare by Colorite Montana. Type Miley is a very sweet, athletic type with a lovely arch to her neck. She sits in a beautiful frame and with all her bling and striking dark liver chestnut colour, she would not look out of place in the show ring. Temperament We have found Miley to be generally very easy to handle, although she would be better suited to someone who has some horse-handling skills as she can be a bit fidgety occasionally. We brought her back in from a spell and she was very easy to bring back in even in the terrible weather. Her owner has found her easy to bring back into work too and has done loads of riding out with her. During her 5 weeks of training with us, she has done a range of activities and shown good trainability and versatility with an excellent work ethic and willingness. She is sensitive to the leg, and requires a rider with soft hands but capable of making a half-halt as she is very forward and can be a little enthusiastic at times. She has not shown any naughty behaviours such as bucking, rearing, pig rooting at all etc. and has only done a very occasional little spook (maybe twice) in her 5 weeks with us. She has been very well behaved in the stables, day yards and private paddocks here. Prior Experience Miley has a solid foundation of education and her previous owner was schooling some of the elementary work with her on the flat including some lateral work. She has also been jumping up to 100cm with ease in her previous home and has done extensive trail and bush riding as well as bareback riding. Although she is well behaved out and about, she has limited competition experience due to rider moving interstate and COVID restrictions. Paces Miley has 3 regular, active paces with an especially good canter which has a lot of natural jump. She has good energy in her hind legs and natural impulsion which is why she is so soft and steady in the contact. She can really swing in the trot and is very comfortable to sit on. She has an active walk with clear over track. Dressage Training Rhythm - She is very forward and does need some reminding with half-halts at time to bring her into a relaxed rhythm where she can find her swing and balance. Once she is there she is consistent and will maintain a rhythm independently when you soften the reins. Suppleness - She is supple and willing to bend through her ribcage, easily making shoulder-in and travers/renvers positioning. Her ideal rider will understand the difference between the aid for forward and aid for bend as she does need her rider to make that distinction because she is very eager to please and can get ahead of herself. Contact - Miley is very good in the contact, steady and light and very easy to keep round in a frame. Laterals - established leg yield, shoulder in. Training travers, walk canter, counter canter etc, Jumping As a jumper, Miley is clever and jumping up to 100cm. She has good technique and is brave and willing. She would make an outstanding eventer. She is very forward to jump though and will need a rider able to make half-halts and use their seat to maintain rhythm to the fence. Rider Suitability Although we have found Miley to generally be very sensible, she is not suitable for a beginner or nervous rider as she can get a little excited at times. She is best suited to a rider who likes a forward horse. She is very comfortable and feels safe to ride if you are confident on a forward moving horse. She has been ridden by all of us here and we have all really enjoy riding her. I especially her love her enthusiasm, it makes her rewarding to train and she is so keen to learn. Jaelina, our 14yo working student, has been hacking her out alone on the roads and is the one jumping her in the videos. We feel she would be best suited to an intermediate + rider or competent junior rider who has soft hands, an effective seat and who is quiet but confident. She would make an outstanding pony club/interschool/EA show jumper/eventer prospect for the right rider or a beautiful show horse or competitive dressage mount. This horse truly has something special about her and we think she will be a fierce competitor in any discipline when she finds her perfect match. Located Nyora, VIC.