Murphy Murphy aka “Willowcroft Preminition” is an adorable 14yo (DOB 7.10.06) 15.3hh RP x TB gelding by Willowcroft Regal Emblem and out of Cartier (Successful show hack having won at Sydney Royal). Type Murphy is a super cute oversized pony type officially measured at 15.3, really eye-catching with good looks (even with his winter woolies on at the moment!) With his striking dark colour, elegant length of neck and sweet movement, there is no denying this little horse has something special about him! Temperament We have found Murphy to have a very easy-going temperament on the ground, he has been an absolute pleasure to do everything with. His current owners also found him to have excellent ground manners, good to catch, shoe, float etc. He has been great to float, having been loaded in all conditions and travels very well. He has been very well behaved in the stables, day yards and paddocks here and is good alone or around other horses. During his stay here we have found him to be more woah than go and very straight forward to ride both on the arena and out and about. Experience Murphy has had a vast array of experiences throughout his life. He has been a very successful show horse. In 2014 he won at the Melbourne Summer Royal, Led and ridden over height riding pony classes. Since then he has gone on to do loads of hacking out and trail riding. With his previous owners he was living on a farm where he did a lot of farm work including herding cows. With his current owners he has been exposed to many different environments and has been very good around kids, dogs, sheep, tractors and traffic among other things. He has been handled and groomed easily by children and has mostly been doing dressage and in hand clinics, regular dressage lessons and trail riding. Murphy has been with us for a few weeks and in this time we have done dressage and jumping schooling and road riding with him and he has not put a single foot wrong. We brought him back in from a spell and he was very sensible when coming back into work. He has been training with us but has also been successfully ridden by both of our working students, one of which is only 14 years old and has been hacking him down the road as a cool down after his work out. Paces Murphy has 3 regular paces and is very naturally balanced. He maintains a consistent rhythm but does need to be ridden forward as he can tend to be on the slower/lazier side if allowed to. He has a good walk with clear rhythm and good overtrack. He has a nice swingy trot, nothing too fancy/flashy but feels very smooth to ride. Easy to sit trot on so good for someone wanting to work on their riding position! He has a really good canter and feels very comfortable once in front of the leg in canter. Dressage Training Rhythm - Regular and consistent, just needs a rider able to use their legs effectively to get him going. Will not speed up if you give away the reins. Suppleness - Murphy has a basic foundation of inside leg to outside rein connection but as he has just come back into work we are working on the quality of ribcage bend on small circles to enable him to tackle some of the harder lateral work. Supple over the back, will reach into the hand and easy to sit on. Contact - Murphy is steady and balanced in the hand , has independent self-carriage and works in a lovely outline once in front of the leg. Will stretch into the hand. Laterals - Murphy understands basic laterals and has started training turn on the forehand, leg yield and shoulder-in. Responds well to half-halts and very easy to stop. Jumping Murphy hasn’t done heaps of jumping in his life, but has taken to it very well since he’s been here with us. He has jumped up to 75cm with ease and been very confident and willing over an assortment of different fences. He is not going to be a high level jumper but would be happy to do some low level jumping/crosscountry/competitions at pony club/arc etc. Rider Suitability Although we have found Murphy to be very quiet and sensible, he is not suitable for a beginner or very nervous rider as we feel he might take advantage of that. He would be best suited to an intermediate rider who can boss him around and not let him become too lazy. Although you don’t need to be the most polished rider (he would be a wonderful horse to improve your own riding on) we would prefer him to go to a confident rider. We are definitely looking for a rider who can independently walk, trot and canter with confidence and in balance and a rider who has some experience using their legs effectively. We think he is best suited to a predominately dressage/show/pleasure home but would be happy to dabble in some jumping if it interested his new rider. Extra infoBug rug recommended in summertime as he is sensitive to biting insects. Up to date with worming, vaccines, teeth etc. He is currently barefoot but has been shod in the past and is also fine with hot shoeing. Located Nyora, VIC.