Obi aka “Rafiki De Lago” is a lovely 10yo TB Gelding.


He is a really cute type with a nice shaped, chunky neck which creates an eye-catching dressage outline. TemperamentWe have found him to have a lovely, sensible temperament. Although he is not bombproof, he is kind, educated and very willing.


Obi has years of eventing experience and results up to 1* level. He is a true allrounder being competitive across all phases. Paces Obi’s stand out pace is his canter, he is exceptionally balanced and very comfortable to ride in the canter. He is adjustable and supple, easily making 10m circles in canter with quality bend. He has an expressive front end in the trot, and when you get him to soften over the back and trot with his whole body, he feels amazing in the trot and shows talent to develop further in this pace.


On the flat, Obi is very easy to ride. He has a soft mouth and works consistently in a frame with little effort from the rider. He can be a little lazy, so needs a rider to ride him forward but does not tend to get rushy, he will maintain his rhythm when you soften the reins or allow him to stretch. He is supple through his ribcage and straight. He turns off the outside aids, and bends around the inside leg. He is even in both reins and sits quietly in a steady contact. He is established in leg yield, shoulder in and walk-canters. He understands the basics of collection and this will further progress as he becomes stronger/develops more impulsion. He would be easy enough for a capable junior to pilot him around a novice/1* dressage test in no time and would do well at the lower levels and pony club level too.

Show Jumping

To Show Jump, he is brave and experienced. He does need a rider that can ride him forward in between fences and keep their leg on as he can be a little lazy. He has very good technique, making a nice shape with his front end and an excellent sharp back end, especially for a TB. Our 14yo working student has jumped him 110-120cm at home with ease. He could make an excellent inter school show jumping prospect as well.

Cross Country

He has years of experience in this phase and is brave, willing and consistent. He is snaffle mouth all phases and doesn’t tend to get strong on course. His current owner described him as “point and shoot” and very fun to ride on cross country. He would be an excellent mount for a confident young rider to learn the ropes and progress up the levels with.

Ground Manners

We have found him to be very easy to do everything with. He is a seasoned competitor and a gentleman who knows his job. His current owner said he can stomp his back legs when he’s eating but we have not noticed this and we clean his stable when he’s eating. Rider Suitability Obi would suit a large variety of riders as he is straight forward and fun to ride. We would like to see him with someone who is looking to progress up the eventing levels and wants a genuine, fun partner to show them the way. This being said, he is not suitable for a beginner or very nervous riders. Located Nyora, Vic