“Equine Affair Butterfly” is a 9yo 16.1hh approx warmblood mare. She is by EA Chimera (Cairo 869) out of EA Gaea (Budweiser). Pappy is the whole package, a phenomenal type with unlimited potential to be successful at the highest levels of any of the olympic disciplines. As many of you know, we have personally had a lot of very high quality performance horses from the Equine Affair stud over the years including Equine Affair Cassanova (Captain) who has been one of Victoria’s most successful eventing performance horses up to 3* level over the past few years and also on the cusp of success in an FEI dressage career. Captain is closely related to Pappy on the sire side. We have also had numerous horses with Budweiser lines (relatives on her dam side) who is one of all time favourite sires. He is know to produce exceptional jumpers with amazing necks, rideability and paces and Pappy is no exception. Being a combination of these two incredible bloodlines, makes her a truly remarkable and elite performance horse prospect who should not be overlooked by the most ambitious riders. Pappy was purchased after breaking by her current owner who has been producing her for the last 4+ years. She has concentrated predominately on dressage and show jumping in this time and Pappy has a solid foundation of basics, and feels uncomplicated to ride on the flat. She has a beautiful, elegant neck and naturally reaches for the bit giving her outline an eye-catching arch that is destined to wow the dressage judges. She sits quietly in the hand, maintaining an easy, steady contact and is established in her own balance/self-carriage. This makes her the perfect candidate for a young rider looking to develop their feel of contact and wanting an instant dressage-test ready frame. She is generally forward to ride without feeling hot or sensitive, she maintains her rhythm consistently and independently and is very naturally relaxed over the back which makes her very comfortable to sit on. She has exceptional paces with an extraordinary, ground-covering canter perfect for making time at FEI eventing! She also excellent swing in the trot and a big but active walk. She is very willing to stretch down and established in her half-halts. She has started basic lateral work including leg yield and shoulder-in and it wouldn’t take very long to install the rest of the lateral work as the basics are solid and she is supple and has a trainable attitude. Although the focus has been dressage and some show jumping, her current owner has done a lot of cross country schooling, some occasional horse trials and show jumping training/competitions along the way. This makes her very confident as she hasn’t been rushed up the levels, and as she is such a gifted jumper, it made it very easy for Ben to go straight out and jump her around 2* xc when we took her schooling. She was fiercely brave, and very rideable and she tackled a variety of fences including ditches, water, trakenars, sunken roads, angled lines, spooky fences etc. Her athleticism, willingness, bravery and rideability make her the ideal young rider xc mount to fly up the levels quickly and successfully. As talented as she is on the flat, and on the xc field, probably her most impressive phase is her show jumping. She makes an insanely good shape over every single fence. She is so scopey, but also shows great technique in front and behind and gives you a sensational feeling over the fence. She is brave with fill, and rideable. We can see her going on to jump competitively over big straight Sj tracks also or using this quality to really make her the perfect FEI eventing prospect knowing you won’t be having many rails! Under saddle, we have found her to be very sensible and quiet and fun to hack out and ride around the local roads and trails. However, we know this is all sounding to good to be true and no horse is this perfect! She does have a few minor quirks on the ground that will require some management from her new family. She can be a bit nervous with the farrier, especially with a new farrier and will require some patience, management and a competent handler when it comes to getting her feet done (we can provide more info on how her current owner has managed this.) She can also be a fussy eater especially in new environments. Although she is generally well-mannered on the ground and easy to take out to shows, float/truck, stand at float etc. she can just be a little suspicious of new people at times and may require a patient handler/family to build a good bond with her and form a trusting partnership where she can flourish. As she has been a one-person horse for such a long time, it has been great for her to be here with us where she is handled multiple times a day by all different people and she has been really great getting to know everyone here. This is a very serious horse for the future we know everyone that rides her will love her as she just feels so lovely and tries so hard.