Griffin SOLD

Rider Suitability


Price Guide

Under $10,000

About the horse

Griffin is a 15yo TB gelding by Hussonet out of Siren Miss. Race name - Grief, approx 16hh 

Prior Experience  

Griffin has competed at pony club in dressage, games, eventing, gymkhana etc. 

He has done a lot of trail riding and loves it, even hacking up mountains and doing obstacle courses. He has done cattle work and loves swimming! 


Griffin is very sensible with a lovely nature. He has been exceptionally well behaved on the ground and under saddle with a been there done that sort of attitude. He has been an absolute pleasure to do everything with since being here with us. 


Griffin has regular paces. He has a good clear walk, a swingy trot and a comfortable canter with good ground cover. 

Dressage Training

Rhythm - Griffin maintains a regular, consistent rhythm even when you soften the reins. Happy to tick along at whatever pace you set. 

Suppleness - He is willing to bend both ways and understands the basics of inside leg to outside connection. He could be straighter on the right rein but is starting to come into a connection. He is willing and tries hard to work out what you are asking for, and learns fast. 

Contact - Griffin is happy to work in a frame and is light in the hand. He could be a bit steadier, more connected and through at times. He is working on seeking the contact in balance to reach over his back and become more supple. 


Griffin is a talented jumper. He is very bold and feels experienced having previously schooled up to 100cm showjumping and xc. However, he does require a fairly experienced rider in this phase because although he is safe, he can get a little low and strong at times if not kept straight and in balance by his rider. He needs a rider capable of making a very clear half-halt and then being soft to allow him to find his balance and travel. He can get a little excited at shows if he hasn’t been out for a while so needs a rider who won’t be phased by an odd pigroot here and there. 

Rider Suitability 

Griffin is a really sweet, genuine horse who loves to please. He has a calm, quiet disposition and feels very safe when you are on him. He is versatile, and would be best suited to a rider looking for a fun horse to do a bit of everything with from pony club to hacking out to farm life! 

Located Nyora, VIC.