Saffi  is a beautiful 11yo 15.1hh WB x TB mare by Contenda.


Saffi is an adorable smaller warmblood type, a real little power pack. With her striking dark colour, elegant arch to her neck and her exceptional movement, there is no denying this little horse has a bit of wow factor! 

We have found Saffi to have an easy-going temperament on the ground. She can be a bit bossy around other horses at feed time but has been generally very friendly and easy to do everything with to humans. She is very experienced, having done years of pony club so has been exposed to a lot and knows her job. She can be a bit lazy to ride but once you get her forward she tries super hard, and gives a very exciting feeling. She can also have the very occasional spook or small pigroot when she’s being lazy so is not suitable for beginners or nervous riders but a capable younger teenager should be able to manage these things fine. 



Saffi is currently owned, ridden and competed by a 13yo rider who has owned her for 2.5 years. During this time she has been attending pony club every single month!, having regular lessons, competing as much as possible with COVID restrictions. She has been show jumping up to 90cm rounds. She has done lots of cross country and her rider hasn’t found her strong or hot on course. She has been ridden bareback extensively, done trail riding, summer holiday camps, been swimming in the dam etc. Since she has been in training with us, we have ridden her out on the local roads and trails and she has been a pleasure. 




Saffi  has 3 high quality paces with an exceptional trot. She is super active when you get her forward and has great swing and a talent for extension. She has a clear rhythm in the canter with good jump and natural balance and is very comfortable to sit on. She has a good walk with clear rhythm and overtrack. 



On the flat, Saffi has so much talent and potential. With her extravagant movement and stunning frame, she is sure to catch the dressage judges attention. In the rhythm she is forward and consistent once you get her in front of the leg. She can be lazy to avoid coming through properly, but as soon as she knows you mean business she is super easy and ticks along in a beautiful forward rhythm with loads of impulsion. We are currently working on her suppleness and improving her inside leg to outside rein connection. She is established in shoulder-in and leg yeild but needs more suppleness training to make travers. In the contact, she can feel amazing however she must be ridden from the back to the front. You need forward energy first and then finding a connection to the bit is easy. If you try to make her round without her being forward she may be a little unsteady. She is at a level where she is starting to collect and be moved laterally in the canter. She is adjustable and very comfortable to ride in the canter. 



Saffi loves jumping and is very easy to jump.  Her current 13yo rider has so much fun jumping her, both on cross country and in show jumping. She has jumped her over all kinds of fences and she has been brave and willing. She is very confident jumping into water having schooled at different xc courses. Since being in training with us, she has jumped tarps, barrels, skinnies etc and has been very straight forward. She has also been jumped by our 14yo working pupil with ease up to 110cm. 


Rider Suitability 

Saffi is an exciting horse as she is suitable for a confident younger rider to take to pony club and do all the fun and silly stuff with, but also competitive enough to commence a successful EA eventing career showing potential for 95/1* level. She is also talented/flashy enough to do EA dressage. She wouldn’t be too far off a novice dressage start and could potentially be competitive at elementary level with further education. She is so versatile she could also be an inter school show jumping gun having already placed with her current young rider at jumping shows with potential to win bows at 105cm. Although she will make someone the ultimate juniors allrounder, she is not suitable for beginners or nervous riders and would be best suited to a rider who knows how to ride a horse forward and use their legs to bring the best out of her. 


Located Nyora, VIC.