Our Services

Cargill Tyson Equestrian is well known for our work with quality young performance horses that are well-adjusted, exposed to many different experiences and most importantly have a solid foundation of training. 

At Cargill Tyson Equestrian, our philosophy is to commit to a clear and consistent approach to training with every horse so that they have every opportunity and the confidence  to succeed either with us at FEI level, or with their future partners in whatever avenue they choose to pursue.


 We try to continually produce horses of the highest standard by providing them with the upmost care both physically and mentally and pride ourselves on their happiness, condition and presentation. 

Our riders are taught from Day 1 to think like a trainer. We demand critical thinking and always encourage open discussion to ensure the trainer and rider are always on the same page and that mutual understanding is achieved. We then use our years of experience to try and translate that understanding into "feel" by directing self-discovery in the saddle and promoting problem-solving skills.